Maximise the life-cycle of your I.T. eco-system


Course description

Our solutions include:

A low-consumption server

Server eco-design

Improvement of energy-intensive workstations

Configuration of your machines’ running time

Optimisation of the automatic back-up systems and data saved to the cloud

Best practice in e-mail management (mailbox servers and their synchronous and asynchronous software)

Limiting premature obsolescence of the I.T. stock

Re-processing of machines that are obsolete or have crashed

Our analysis covers your data centres, workstations, CAD stations, print system, network, web strategy, software, electronic waste management, etc.

Our actions in 6 steps:

1. An audit of your I.T. eco-system to define it around these themes: user practices, performance, and energy consumption

2. Presentation of a report on the audit and proposals for change

3. Designing a plan of prioritised and methodological actions linked to costed-out targets and measures aimed at reducing electricity consumption

4. Putting technical solutions in place that enable you to reach your goals

5. Raising your team’s awareness of new practices in order to limit premature obsolescence and energy-intensive use

6. Putting performance indicators in place to ensure consistency between energy economy and production

The combination of our know-how in I.T. processing and our specialists’ expertise enables us to deal with a wide range of industrial subjects.

Company description

Teams of enthusiastic engineers and technicians specialize in: water sobriety, green IT, agro-ecology, and zero waste.

Target audience
Depends on the need
Depends on the need
online and on the spot
Bourg-Madame and Toulouse
Manager, IT team
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13 avenue porte de France, 66760 Bourg-Madame
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Pascale LEFEBURE, water sobriety expert
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