Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants serve to innovative SMEs that come up with a solution to a problem in EII.

Innovation Grants

Program description

The Innovation Grants competitive scheme provides direct financial support to innovative SMEs in order to enable and promote the adoption of processes and technologies to reinforce transformation into a greener, more digital and resilient economy in the Energy Intensive Industries (EII) value chain.

The INGENIOUS Innovation Grants will support projects that are aligned with the major challenges where SMEs need to accelerate the implementation of the digital and green transformation, provide affordable, clean and efficient technology solutions, develop new business models, innovate their services, technology and production lines, open new markets etc..

The total direct financial support for SMEs under INGENIOUS programme is 1.05 Million (€ 60.000 per SME).

The challenges for INGENIOUS project focused on Energy Intensive Industries are the following:


Efficient and sustainable decarbonisation processes
  • to reduce the impact of operations on the environment
  • to identify and implement cost-effective technologies to reduce carbon emissions


Technology improvement and/or product innovation for digital transition
  • to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement
  • to integrate new technologies into existing systems without causing disruption
  • to ensure data privacy and security during the digital transition


Technology improvement and/or product innovation for green transition
  • to identify and prioritize the most effective and sustainable technologies/practices
  • to overcome barriers to entry in the market for green technologies
  • to collaborate with stakeholders and policymakers on creating supportive regulatory environment


Closing loops for efficient and sustainable process innovation
  • to develop innovative solutions for waste reduction and resource efficiency
  • to change the mindset of the organization to prioritize circular economy principles
  • to ensure smooth integration of closed-loop processes into existing operations


Ensuring safer and more efficient energy transition and supply
  • to balance the need for stable energy supply with the adoption of cleaner energy sources
  • to implement safety protocols to minimize risks during the energy transition
  • to navigate complex regulatory landscape surrounding energy


Advanced materials leading to competitive higher sustainability and digitalization
  • to identify and develop materials that can improve sustainability without compromising performance
  • to integrate advanced materials into existing process and product
  • to overcome potential supply challenges related to the sourcing and production of advanced materials


New-to-firm solutions and business strategies to face the challenges to overcome the EU-external dependency
  • to adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory environments
  • to foster culture of innovation and adaptability to respond to external challenges effectively
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