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Elena Alamar Velázquez (Freelancer)

Course description

I am always willing to get in touch with innovative organizations, supporting the companies go forward in their life-cycle stages of Internationalization, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, identifying challenges and valuing disruptive projects. +30 years multi-sectorial experience in Business Development, International Commerce and Business Innovation as a Consultant and, since 2014, as a certified EC Coach and a long expertise supporting startups and SMEs boosting their scaling up and growth in different business development activities (market readiness, refining product market fit, business model review and/or validation, buyer’s journey, identifying potential clients, SWOT analysis, internationalization, marketing research, entrepreneurship, sustainability, CSR strategies, Exports & Imports, International Management, markets implementation, funding & financing needs, etc.).

Currently, I work as an Expert Coach for EISMEA/EIC Accelerator (before I collaborated under EASME/SME-Instrument since the first panel board of Expert Coaches in year 2014), BLUE INVEST Readiness Assistance, EUDIS-EU Defence Innovation Scheme, EBAN, LCBA, INNORATE, GALACTICA and EOI-MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy) and, as a senior Adviser Consultant in Business Development, international business (import/export) & Business Innovation for the SMEs, collaborating in different national programmes of SME’s internationalization with national Bodies (ICEX-Spain Trade and Investment, IVACE-The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness, EXTENDA-Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia) and as an EU Evaluator of more than 12 funding programs. 

As a Business Coach, I try to understand the context of the company and empower the sme’s management for handling similar challenges in the future on their own. Based on this philosophy, I manage and support to the companies on Business Development: focusing on the identification, analysis and evaluation of potential business opportunities, funding and investment location, the definition of business segments and the development of an effective marketing mix; on Organization: aimed at mobilizing the resources of the smes to ensure the efficiency and performance of the company’s organization; and, finally, on Cooperation, supporting smes in planning and implementing innovation partnerships and project consortia.

Company description

I am a certified EC (EIC, EUDIS, BlueInvest, Galactica, LCBA, etc.) Business Innovation Coach (2014). My Expert ID is: EX2014D227023. Since 2005, as a Business Development Consultant, my main expertise is in international consultancy, exports/imports, international market implementation, business development, marketing, legal contracting, etc. Since 2014, I become an EC Coach in Business Innovation Development under EIC Accelerator/EISMEA, Blue Invest Readiness Assistance, EUDIS Coaching, LCBA, INNORATE and GALACTICA. Also, I am an EU Evaluator (2016) for EU funding programs (more than 12 EU funding programs). +30-years multi-sectorial experience in supporting business development activities for the sme’s in the field of internationalization, marketing research, entrepreneurship, sustainability and greening of production modes, Exports & Imports, International Management, Business Development and markets implementation, etc. As a Business Coach, I try to understand the context of the company and empower the sme’s management for handling similar challenges in the future on their own.

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Minimum: 8h - Maximum: 6 months
Between 450€ and 800€ /day. Success Fee, depends on the project
Company Managers, CEOs, Project Managers
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Elena Alamar Velázquez (Freelancer)
Calle Dolores Marqués, 33, Esc.3, Pta.3, 46020 - Valencia
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Elena Alamar
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