International negotiations


Course description

How to negotiate effectively in the international arena: conditions affecting sales and negotiations; building an offer tailored to customers from different countries Good preparation guarantees success in negotiations: getting to know the foreign partner, analyzing the market, competition and the client’s situation; using market alternatives to gain an advantage in negotiations Using intercultural differences to build relationships and negotiate effectively in different markets: initial offer and starting price depending on the country; haggling tactics in different markets How to negotiate effectively to defend your price: when to start negotiating so as not to lose Skilful use of negotiation tactics and defense against manipulation: use of concessions in international negotiations; reading manipulations and techniques of defending against them Effective ways of closing the sales process and finalizing negotiations: techniques of ending negotiations; how to sign a profitable contract

Company description

We provide training and consulting for exporters. We support exporters to attract the best foreign partners, conquer new markets and achieve maximum profits in international business. We help exporters to become “Export Champions”

Target audience
24 hours - 3 days
3200 EUR; 14 900 (PLN)
Face-to-Face and Online
Poland/online (to be discussed)
Exporters, people responsible for foreign markets
Specific conditions
International needs analisys

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ul. Drobnera 36/19 50-257 Wrocław
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Grzegorz Bratek
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+48 664 930 789