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MindmeUp LP

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MindmeUp LP creates Business/Investment Plans for funding, expansion and introduction of new products/services purposes. Moreover, the company offers HR services to organizations operating in the FMCG sector and helps businesses develop and implement sustainable CSR practices. Strategic CSR planning is the foundation of any effort to integrate CSR into business activity. Based on the needs, values ​​and goals of each business, we develop customized plans that combine social action with business strategy. Based on strategic planning, we undertake the full implementation of CSR programs including creating educational programs, organizing volunteer activities, supporting social organizations and more. We regularly analyze and evaluate the progress and results of CSR programs and through systematic reporting, we offer our companies a detailed overview of their CSR performance and suggestions for improvement. MindmeUp LP creates strong, original and sustainable marketing plans, which help companies strengthen their market share and improve their competitiveness through targeted and clear promotion and communication strategies. Through extensive research and under a dynamic process of open-communication MindmeUp LP proceeds with activities such as detailed analysis of business goals, needs, requirements, evaluation of current strategies, market segmentation, benchmarking etc in order to design and propose actions and strategies that are harmonized with the philosophy, technology and resources of the business, brining the best possible results. MindmeUp LP offers services in the field of market research, helping companies develop strategic actions that will strengthen and improve their competitive advantages. Through special research tools we suggest ways and solutions to increase the market share within Greece, but also the successful introduction of the products/services in foreign markets. Finally, MindmeUp LP uses modern tools and innovative methodologies to develop original narrative stories, which lead to increased profits and market share, improving also the perceived customer satisfaction. We help companies create a strong and clear image of their product or service, which evokes the emotional connection of the user and creates a strong brand perception. We specialize in redesigning the overall brand identity, repositioning it in the market and creating a new, original and different image in the public consciousness.

Company description

MindmeUp LP is a newly founded (2024) Innovation & Marketing company located in Central Thessaloniki (Greece) offering a variety of consultation services to individuals, start-ups, businesses, universities, clusters and hubs located in various EU countries. MindmeUp LP is an affiliate company to MindmeUp Sole Proprietorship, established in 2021, which through innovative tools and customized design thinking practices, provides specialized consulting services aimed at the sustainable development of enterprises, the successful acquisition of financing programs and the transformation of business ideas into tangible products/services. We encourage innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box throughout the business value chain from internal operations of the company to the final product addressed to our clients’ customers.

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10 hours
50 € per hour
Online and on the spot
Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Managerial Staff
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MindmeUp LP
I.Tsimiski 16
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Thomas Gkilias CEO & Founder
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