Climate risk assessment and low-carbon road map for SMEs


Course description

The companies’ climate risk profiles will increasingly affect access to finance and customer and supplier relationships. The first step towards sustainable business is to identify the climate risks of business operations. Honkacapital with esgResilience service helps companies to increase the understanding of climate impacts of their business and assists in building a road map to low-carbon, more sustainable business. The SME client answers sector specific questionnaire and receives a comprehensive climate risk report generated by esgResilience. The key findings of the climate risk assessment will give an excellent starting point for building sustainable business strategy.


1-hour Teams meeting: status review of the client company and introduction to esgResilience.

esgResilience questionnaire completed by the client. Climate risk analytics report send to company.

2-hour interactive Teams workshop: the client company’s climate risk profile review and implications for future business & its financing.

Annual user license of esgResilience.

Option: Engaging keynote presentation incorporating the project findings and conclusions, 1.000€

Company description

Honkacapital provides advisory and training on ESG aligned business strategy, sustainable finance, and related regulations. We also support the green transition through own product development. esgResilience is a digital service for analyzing the climate risks and sustainability of SME businesses.

Target audience
3 hours
2 900€ (VAT 0%)
To be agreed
SME owners, Board chairpersons, CEO’s, management teams
Specific conditions
No specific requirements

Company information

Company name
Honkacapital (Honkaniemi Capital Oy)
Hiiralantie 15B, 02160 Espoo
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Marja Honkaniemi
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