Design innovative business models

Three o’clock

Course description

Rethinking or designing an innovative business model can deliver significant and lasting competitive advantage compared to product and process innovation. We offer a 2-day workshop with hands-on exercises to help companies design and/or redesign and improve their business model using a four-step process:

Step 1: Needs assessment of your company
• One hour meeting to learn about your company’s pain points and agree on key elements that should be integrated into the workshop

Step 2: Business model research: understanding your market
• Identifying the prominent business models in your market/industry
• Identifying the stakeholders and value chain actors
• Identifying the trends

Step 3: Business model ideation: sketching potential business models
• Identifying opportunities for disruption
• Identifying and building business models that could work for your business
• Ideating your business model with features and assumptions
• Validation of business model with potential customer interviews

Step 4: Time to model
• Build your new business model and all features using our toolkit

Optional: Pitch coaching
We offer coaching on pitching your business model. Using a template we provide, you develop a pitch deck and present it. Our service includes making recommendations and suggestions to increase its impact.

Output: innovative business model which includes nine main features: value proposition, customer segment, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, costs structure, key resources, key activities and partnerships.

Company description

Three o’clock is a service design agency based in Paris. We help our clients build or reimagine their existing services and launch innovative service experiences. We facilitate ideation and concept definition sessions, and design business models and the whole service and/or product delivery by using proven design methodologies and participatory approaches.

Target audience
2 to 3 days
2500-3500 euros // A tailored workshop based on the needs of the company can be proposed
Face-to-Face and Online
Managers, all relevant staff
Specific conditions
No requirements

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Three o'clock
15 rue des Halles 75001, Paris
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Chloe Chavardes
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