Development of climate-resilient business

OpenCO2net Oy

Course description

This training will focus on developing climate-resilient business models and calculating the carbon footprint of a company. The training will start with a review of the EU and national climate targets and future requirements for reporting on corporate climate emissions (CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). The training will answer the following questions:

– How to map the company’s baseline situation related to greenhouse gas emissions?
– How to calculate the company’s emissions and which standards should be used?
– What are the standards to be used and what are the requirements for calculating emissions?
– What targets can a company set to reduce emissions?
– How can emissions be reduced?
– How can emissions trends be monitored?
– What are the possibilities for determining positive climate impacts (carbon handprint and avoided emissions)?
– How can a company make environmental claims based on emission calculations (Green Claims)?

Details of the training can be agreed.

Company description

OpenCO2net Oy offers companies calculation tools and training. We have developed the Platform that helps companies calculate their carbon footprints, monitor the greenhouse gas emission trends, find reliable emission factors, and calculate their positive carbon handprint.

Target audience
2-3 hours
2500-3500 eur (VAT 0 %) + possible travelling costs
Face-to-Face and Online
Espoo, Finland
Directors, managers, engineers, sustainability experts
Specific conditions
No requirements

Company information

Company name
OpenCO2net Oy
Luuvantie 42, 02620 Espoo
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Sari Siitonen
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