Smart economic management to boost growth


Course description

Outsourced Financial Management: Incorporate an External Finance Director to your team, strengthen the quality of your decisions and free up time to focus.

Smart Accounting: Outsource the economic management of your company and enjoy complete, reliable and timely information.

Improvement Projects: Optimize your economic area to make it key to your business growth.

Sharing: Automates processes and uses management tools (CRM, BI) with a shared integrated software solution (ERP).

Legal Solutions: We have a team of specialized lawyers, with an extensive experience in each area, that will offer you adapted legal solutions to increase your company’s value and protect it during its activity performance.

Corporate Compliance: Legal compliance has ceased to be an administrative requirement to become a good business management indicator.

Company description

ToGrowfy is a professional services firm for companies focused on growth. We work for restless CEOs and help them grow their businesses through quality outsourcing financial management. We provide them with complete, reliable and timely economic information so that they can make the best decisions. On this path of growth, we also make sure that companies have optimal taxation, while minimizing the possible risks associated with the development of their activity with our team of specialized lawyers. Because knowing the rules of the business well is a key growth factor.

Target audience
It depends on the scope, intensity and experts involved.
After our initial contact we will get to know each other. You will meet with a senior professional to design the best plan to help you.
Face-to-Face and Online
Spain: Zaragoza - Barcelona - Madrid - Sevilla
CEO, CFO, Strategy Dept, Business Development Manager, Sales, St
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Edifio Torre Aragonia - Avda. Juan Pablo II 35 Planta 3 - 50009 Zaragoza - Spain
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Jaume Raventós
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