INALIA; Structural health diagnostics. Development of monitoring systems.

Inalia provides the diagnosis of the structural health of mechanical components through the development of customised structural monitoring systems (SHM) that integrate the complete data cycle:
– design of the strategy, architecture and communications of the monitoring systems,
– installation of sensors and equipment (in-house and commercial)
– real data acquisition and management
– data analysis and interpretation to convert them into useful information of loads and structural health like fatigue damage, RUL, …
– integration of this information in the SCADA or in DATIA, our management and visualisation platform.
Mechanical design, data acquisition, communications, structural analysis, virtual modelling (structural, dynamic, fluid dynamic, hydrodynamic, hydrodynamic, etc…) and machine learning techniques are some of the team capabilities that we integrate in our SHM solutions.
Some examples of projects developed for different sectors:
-Creation of the digital twin of a mechanical transmission element:
-Development of bolted joints monitoring system that provides the preload evolution and the joint fatigue behaviour analysis.
-Measurement of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic loads on structures in the naval and nautical sector.
-SIMEWind; Inalia´s SHM monitoring system for floating wind turbines that integrates dynamic cable, moorings, floating structure modules.

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