Celebrating Innovation: INGENIOUS Consortium Awards 7 Projects with 1M EUR


In a momentous celebration of innovation, the INGENIOUS consortium is delighted to announce the successful awarding of 1 million euros in total lump sum to 7 outstanding innovation projects. This achievement is a testament to the commitment of the consortium in fostering groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to drive positive change across European countries.

The INGENIOUS consortium supported the growth of 19 SMEs from 8 different European countries by the Innovation grant. In addition to national collaboartive projects, the INGENIOUS consortium has also facilitated several cross-border collaborative projects. These projects exemplify the power of collective thinking, as participants from different countries join forces to address challenges and create solutions that have a broader impact.

A heartfelt congratulations is extended to the 7 winning projects that have been recognized for their ingenuity and potential to contribute significantly to innovation in European countries. Each project represents a unique approach to solving real-world problems, and the INGENIOUS consortium is proud to support these endeavors.

The awarded projects cover a diverse range of Energy Intesive Industries, from technology and products to sustainability and beyond. It is anticipated that these initiatives will not only drive innovation within their respective domains but will also inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators.

For those eager to explore the details of the awarded projects, the INGENIOUS consortium provides the opportunity to download the Final List of Awarded Projects under the INGENIOUS Innovation Grant.

As we celebrate the success of these 7 awarded projects, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on European countries.

List of awarded companies