Consortium Meeting

Inspiring Days in Cracow with the INGENIOUS Consortium! 

Just wrapped up an incredible 4-day stint in Cracow, and what an enriching experience it was! 

Insightful Visit to MCICT: A huge shout-out to MCICT for hosting a fantastic study visit! The consortium had the privilege of diving deep into member´s of MCICT facilities, where we witnessed captivating presentations, engaged in stimulating discussions, and exchanged valuable knowledge.

Knowledge Exchange at its Best: The presentations from MCICT members were nothing short of impressive, sparking enlightening discussions and fostering a culture of collaborative learning. It’s always a joy to see minds coming together to share insights!

Consortium Meeting Highlights: Within this visit, our consortium held a crucial meeting where partners presented updates on project activities. We meticulously checked all KPIs and milestones, ensuring we’re on track. The collective commitment and agreement on the project’s next steps are a testament to the strength of our collaboration.

Moving Forward: As we reflect on these productive days, we’re excited about the momentum gained and the collaborative spirit fueling our project. Here’s to the power of partnerships and the shared pursuit of innovation!