Consortium Milestone

 Exciting News from INGENIOUS Consortium! 
Today, the INGENIOUS consortium marked a significant milestone with an informative kick-off online meeting, bringing together the powerhouse of innovation – the awarded SMEs by Innovation grants. 
Here’s a glimpse of what went down:
1️⃣ Welcome Address by Ewa Rekosz (MCICT):
Ewa Rekosz, the brilliant mind behind INGENIOUS, kicked off the meeting, extending a warm welcome to all the attendees. 🌟
2️⃣ Open Call Results and Statistics by Jose Ramón Natal (MI4):
Jose Ramón Natal from MI4 took the stage, delving into the nitty-gritty of Open Call results and sharing insightful statistics.
3️⃣ Awarded Projects Presentation by Project Team Leaders:
The spotlight then shifted to the stars of the show – the awarded project teams. Each team leader took the floor, presenting their groundbreaking projects. 
4️⃣ Project Management and Monitoring by Azucena Jiménez (MI4):
Azucena Jiménez, the maestro of project management, shared insights on how the projects will be navigated and monitored for success. 
5️⃣ Mentors Role by Azucena Jiménez (MI4):
Azucena Jiménez, wearing another hat, enlightened the audience on the crucial role mentors will play in guiding and shaping the success of the projects. 
6️⃣ Summary and Q&A:
The meeting concluded with a summary of key takeaways, followed by an engaging Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into the exciting developments. 
The enthusiasm and energy in the virtual room were palpable as we embark on this journey of innovation and collaboration.