The INGENIOUS partnership invites to the first workshop related to the challenges in Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs).

07. 03. 2023 I 16:00 - 17:00

The aim of the Workshops is to learn about the challenges in Energy Intensive Industries and present the solution providers to these challenges. The workshops are also a great opportunity to learn about the INGENIOUS Innovation Grants and the Open Call procedures. The theme of the upcoming workshop will be: Towards a safer and more efficient Energy transition and to ensure the energy supply – hydrogen.

Link to the workshop:


  1. Intrudction to Ingenious project – Ewa Rekosz I MCICT
  2. Introduction to Innovation grants – Jose Ramón Natal I MI4
  3. “ColdSpark® – An alternative approach to low-carbon hydrogen production” – Terje Hauan I SEID AS
  4. “Plasma Technologies for Hydrogen Applications” – Dr. Andre Naumann I Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology
  5. “The decarbonization of the industrial activities in Piedmont region: a system level approach to exploit the hydrogen supply-chain” – Davide Trapani I EnviromentPark S.p.A.