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Three o’clock

Course description

We offer a one day hands-on workshop, split into two sessions:

Session 1: Building a user journey map
Journey mapping is a process that provides a holistic view of the client/user experience by uncovering moments of both frustration and satisfaction throughout a series of interactions.

During 3 hours, we will build this map to reveal opportunities that address customers’ pain points and, ultimately, create a better experience for your clients/users.

Session 2: Build a service blueprint
During 3 hours, we will build your company’s service blueprint that will detail service procedures. It helps create a new service delivery system or improve an existing one by mapping out each step and procedure.

The outcome of this exercise is a clear roadmap to achieve your operational objectives. It improves the company’s communication towards clients, and between employees and management. It helps companies understand their clients and adapt to their requirements while optimizing its service delivery.

Output: User journey map and service blueprint

Company description

Three o’clock is a service design agency based in Paris. We help our clients build or reimagine their existing services and launch innovative service experiences. We facilitate ideation and concept definition sessions, and design business models and the whole service and/or product delivery by using proven design methodologies and participatory approaches.

Target audience
1 day
1800 euros // A tailored workshop based on the needs of the company can be proposed
Face-to-Face and Online
Managers, all relevant staff
Specific conditions
No requirements

Company information

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Three o'clock
15 rue des Halles 75001, Paris
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Chloe Chavardes
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