Digital training - Vocational training platform for technical water and sanitation workers


Course description

Watura proposes an all-inclusive offer, with individual licenses that have unlimited access to the WATURA platform for a one-year period. This includes all the training courses on the platform, which can be assigned to the learner by their manager or chosen by the technician themselves from the online catalog.

Each training module is composed of:

– Around 10 video clips, each 3 to 5 minutes long, with animated features (diagrams, graphs, shots, etc.);

– An illustrated practice test, with reference to each video clip, to help assimilate skills (3 questions per clip, in formats: UCQ, MCQ, gap-filling text, connect-the-dots options);

– A placement test at the start of the training module and a final test. These tests are identical to measure the learner’s progress;

– A written transcript of the content of each video clip;

– A PDF summary of the key elements of the module. This document is presented in slide format, with space reserved for taking notes. It can therefore be used by trainers to lead discussion sessions on a specific notion.

The platform is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device (cell phone, tablet, computer).

Company description

Watura specializes in vocational training in the water sector. In 2018, the company developed the 1st digital training platform dedicated to technical water and sanitation training. WATURA has more than 150 public and private customers, and trains more than 6,000 learners every year in 20 countries.

Target audience
Each license is available for a one-year period
We sell license packs with a degressive system: the more licenses the client buys, the less expensive an individual license is. Tariffs: 1-9 users = 500€ / user // 10 licenses = 4,000€ (400€ / user) // 20 licenses = 7,000€ (350€ / user) // 30 licenses = 9,000€ (330€ / user) // 50 licenses = 15,000€ (300€ / user). For larger groups, tariffs can be adjusted on demand of the client.
Water and sanitation technicians (operational/technical staff)
Specific conditions
Clients have access to our training platform with individual logins. Therefore each user needs their own log-in ID and password to protect their personal data and ensure the personalized progress tracking for which the platform is designed.

Company information

Company name
15 Rue Montrosier 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Contact name
Sébastien Rigal
Contact email
Contact phone
+33 9 72 14 95 75