LCA Starter training & support program

Environmental Impacts Academy

Course description

Businesses need to become green, but they don’t know how

Businesses need to comply with EU regulation such as CSRD, Green Claims directive and Taxonomy but they don’t know how to get the needed data

Environmental LCA can help them get the needed data and insights

LCA’s can be done by consultants or in-house

Environmental Impacts Academy will get you the needed in-house competence.

We will train someone for two weeks and then support that person during an 8 week period when they do an LCA for you.

As a result, you will have an LCA done and you will have LCA competence in your team

Company description

We find, train and support a person to do Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for you. Online in all of Europe. You will have a completed LCA and a person with competence and experience of conducting at an LCA. Recruitment of LCA talent if needed.

Target audience
50 days
7.000 €
Sustainability leaders, Environmenttal conultants, R&D engineers, Designers
Specific conditions
Fluent english, at least 3 years of university studies

Company information

Company name
Environmental Impacts Academy
Paulakuja 1 J, 02230 ESPOO, FINLAND
Contact name
Poul Lindqvist
Contact email
Contact phone
+358 45 3454917