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Curse of Knowledge

Course description

Without a method to communicate complex information, you will always: Doubt yourself, and your communication Wonder if others have really understood Talk only to your peers and specialists It’s time to learn a better method and promote your work & topics with a system. In the Curse of knowledge course, you will learn to overcome jargon and confusion by following a step-by-step process of storytelling. You will write stories to present any topic, convince others of your expertise, and inspire them to take action. And you don’t need any previous knowledge of communication to level-up.

Company description

We help specialists convince and inspire others using factual stories based on technical information. We offer one single training course for technical specialists who need a technique to present information and convince non-specialists – like their stakeholders, managers, colleagues and the public. After working with 3000+ diplomats, scientists and engineers, we developed the best method to overcome the “Curse of Knowledge”, which affects any specialist when he tries to present his work and projects. The curse of knowing too much and not remembering how hard it was to understand some concepts. By overcoming the curse, we can explain highly complex information in a fast and appealing manner. We can convince others to give us the resources to work on our projects and confide in our skills and judgement. We can share our knowledge with the rest of a team or a company, so there are no losses of crucial information and discoveries.

Target audience
8 hours
Paris - France
Scientists, Engineers, Policy officers, Team managers, Project leaders, Project managers, Product managers
Specific conditions
Working on a technical project, or having to present technical projects

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Curse of Knowledge
Avenida del Oeste 21 - 46001 - Valencia - Spain
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Charlelie Jourdan
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