Resilience Training and Coaching

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Course description

This course will equip delegates with all the skills, tips, and strategies they need to develop their Resilience, whatever their starting level may be. They will have the opportunity for hands-on practice of the key strategies for building Resilience, as well as a forum for discussing and resolving challenges and barriers to their Resilience. They can then use the Online Resilience Programme to embed Resilient behaviours in their daily lives, working on their own, in peer groups or with their manager.

• What is Resilience and why is it important to develop it?
• What helps and what hinders your Resilience?
• The Puppy, Adult and Computer Model
• Resilient approaches to daily challenges
• Staying Resilient in stressful situations
• Action Planning for building Resilience

Online Resilience Programme
This is a video-based programme using lively and interesting short film clips and animations to teach and embed the key elements of Resilience. The accompanying Learner’s Manual provides a wealth of activities to practise Resilient strategies on an everyday basis.
• Module 1 – Life is a Rollercoaster analogy
• Module 2 – Moving out of your Comfort Zone
• Module 3 – Managing your Emotions
• Module 4 – Building your Resilience Resources
• Module 5 – Focus your Efforts
• Module 6 – Optimism v Pessimism

Company description

We deliver unique Resilience coaching and training both online and offline, as well as a range of leadership and management courses, eg Communication Skills, Dealing with Difficult People, Assertiveness, Building High Performing Teams, Leadership and Management, etc.

Target audience
Online Resilience course = 2 hours.
Webinar = half-day.
Face-to-face = one day.
Online Resilience Course - Euro 137 per licence (GBP 120).
Remote course - Euro 1720 per group of 10 (GBP 1500).

Face-to-face course for 12 people - Euro 2750 plus expenses (GBP 2400 plus expenses).
Face-to-Face and Online
Online or can be requested at the company's premises.
Manager, admin, technician, all staff
Specific conditions
No requirements

Company information

Company name
Beaumont Training & Consultancy Ltd
United Kingdom
4 Bramcote Drive, Nottingham, NG8 2NH
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Jo Higgins-Cezza
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+44 7891640450