Pool of experts and trainers

INGENIOUS & CircInWater merge their network of experts and trainers to help SMEs to find relevant trainings

Are you a SME searching for an expert or a trainer?

Are you looking for external support or consultancy on strategic issues that will accelerate your triple transitions: green, digital and resilient?

CircInWater and INGENIOUS are combining “Pool of Expert/Trainers” to offer you a range of experts/trainers and support you in identifying those relevant to your needs.

In the graphic, you can have an overview of all categories of training or services available for you.

Note: The topics should be related to at least one field of CircInWater or INGENIOUS (i.e. Water, Agriculture, Food, Chemical industry, Mining, Energy Intensive Industries in general, ICT, Metal industry, Nanotechnology, Plasmatechnology).

Click on the relevant category of training/service to find out more about the European experts/trainers that could support you.
Join Eurocluster CircInWater and INGENIOUS “Pool of experts and trainers”

Are you a cluster/company/institution/consultancy that offers services, training or coaching for SMEs, related to the triple transition (green, digital and resilient), and want to enhance your visibility? We invite you to join CircInWater and INGENIOUS and be part of the “Pool of experts and trainers” to offer your services to our SMEs.

How to join the “Pool of experts and trainers”?


  • Fill in the registration form https://forms.office.com/r/aiiXaE5cXU
  • Wait for our feedback (max. 10 working days)
  • You are on board! Communicate and share the news! All given information (from the registration form) will be used and displayed on the website.

For more information, please contact:

CircInWater contact point : info@circinwater.eu

For more information: https://clustercollaboration.eu/eu-cluster-partnerships/euroclusters/circinwater

INGENIOUS contact point: ku@balticnet-plasmatec.org

For more information: https://ingenious-eurocluster.eu/